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The low quality, distorted and muffled recordings produced onto analogue tapes were always at risk of being chewed up.

Digital recordings offer you crystal clear audio, and our stereo recordings can aid transcription as each person’s speech will be more prominent in one channel than in the other where microphones have been placed appropriately.

Standalone Transcription


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Free headset & foot pedal with
licensed version of the software.

AIRPlayer is PC software, designed by ourselves, specifically for use with discs recorded on One Digital AIR & AIRLight recorders. This is our recommended solution for transcribing from standalone systems.

A basic, 'Light' version of the software is present on every disc that is produced on the AIR & AIRLight recorders after an interview, which serves as a convenient playback application. Displaying all related start, stop and pause times, and no need to install the software, it is a very helpful way of initially playing back the recording.

Purchasing the licensed version of the software, which is supplied as a full kit with stereo headset and USB foot pedal, adds a host of additional features for transcribing purposes:-

Visit the AIRPlayer product page for more information.

Networked Transcription

We can also provide transcription solutions for larger requirements, which incorporate assigning particular jobs to specific typists or groups of typists with the relevant clearance.


We also recommend WinScribe for your transcription requirements.
Please visit their website for full information on WinScribe products.



OutSec is the UK's leading online typing and transcription company. It has won many commendations for its services and innovations, including two DTI E-Commerce Awards.

The unique FileManager software allows submission of dictated sound files from any location securely and safely. Clients work directly with a British web-based secretary who will have specific experience of their discipline, be it legal statements, police interviews, fraud investigations or other multiple-voice work.

An OutSec secretary is perfect for your requirements, being highly trained in the specialist art of transcribing interviews. The integration with existing working practices is seamless and ensures rapid turnaround of interviews, conferences, board meetings, documents, reports and letters. More than 850 UK public sector and corporate clients and 5,000 individual dictators now use OutSec.

With no fixed costs, no minimum monthly spends and no hidden charges, OutSec is the logical choice for any operation that uses typists and is looking to operate more effciciently.

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