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Interview Recording

Audio-only Interviews

One Digital's recorders for the evidential recording of interviews onto CDs, are suitable for use either as a standalone recorder, or part of a fully networked system.




Weighing just 2.3kg, the AIRLight still offers all of the same beneficial features as the discontinued Classic AIR recorder.

A battery powered version is also available – offering complete portability and overcoming any problems you may encounter with finding a mains power supply when conducting interviews under caution.

A complete package is available that provides you with microphones and a padded carry case with your AIRLight recorder, giving you everything you need to conduct a completely PACE compliant, evidential interview in the field.

Visit the AIRLight product page for more information.

 Classic AIR

The Classic AIR recorder is no longer manufactured, but support continues for existing customers with the product.

Video Interviews


For video interview recording, take a look at One Digital's Audio Video Interview Recorder.

It's designed, like the audio-only recorders, to be extremely simple to use, with on-screen instructions guiding you thorough the necessary steps to produce your recording, so a stranger to the system requires no training to operate it.  The AVIR is designed to operate in the same way as the AIRLight, and sports a very similar look, making it a familiar piece of kit to anyone with experience of the Classic AIR or AIRLight.

All the features you'd expect from a One Digital recorder are present, failsafe operation, network-ready state, meta-data entry option, etc. Please email, or contact one of our distributors for more information.

Networked Recording

All of our recorders are supplied network-ready, meaning that they can be configured to work on a network either immediately or at a later date with no extra charge and no need to replace the unit.

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