Prior to its inception in 2003, One Digital personnel were already pioneering the migration of evidential recording from analogue to digital, developing state-of-the-art techniques to give the best and easiest-to-use recorders for all applications.

PACE compliant, digital, evidential interview recorders are our speciality, designed and developed in  purpose-built facilities, in conjunction with our sister company, Komcept Solutions Limited, who produce a wide range of surveillance and recording systems, for clients around the world.

Our recording solutions, which range from ‘standalone‘ IUC recorders and transcription systems to fully networked enterprise-wide workflow management solutions, guarantee complete security and integrity of the recordings which are admissible in court.

If you would like a demonstration of how our equipment is operated, you are welcome to arrange a visit to us at our offices near Northampton, or contact one of our distributors who may be more local to you.

Similarly, we can offer training of your key operating staff on our equipment, but when we say it is easy-to-use, we really mean it, so in all honesty, this is rarely necessary!

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