Interview Recorders

One Digital are a leading manufacturer of evidential interview recorders.

Our AIRLight digital recorders are fully PACE compliant, with each disc being digitally signed to protect the integrity of the recording. This makes it the convenient choice to record interviews under caution, as well as suspect and witness interviews, or as an evidential record of any meeting.

We currently offer both fixed and portable, audio-only interview recorders, the latter with the benefit of a battery power option, with both being PACE compliant for interviews under caution and vulnerable witness interviews. For very sensitive interviews, consider a counter-eavesdropping sweep of your interview space using Komcept Solutions’ Lockhart TSCM devices, available through One Digital.

All our AIRLight interview recorders are built network-ready, either with the feature enabled immediately (by request) or for implementation at a later date with no need to replace the physical machine.
This can be for inclusion onto your own network or one that we can provide. See ‘Networked Recording’ for more information.

Interview Room Confidence

Hostile eavesdropping devices may be a consideration for you if you conduct particularly sensitive interviews.
With these devices, you wouldn’t be aware of their presence, and wouldn’t know who had obtained the sensitive audio from your conversation.

Sweeping an interview room with a TSCM kit such as Komcept Solutions’ Lockhart prior to use can reveal if devices of this type are present within your interview space.


AIRPlayer is our own Standalone Transcription solution for a single transcriber working on a single machine. Designed specifically for use with discs recorded on One Digital recorders, AIRPlayer is PC-based software that can be purchased as a full transcription kit, including a stereo headset & USB foot pedal.

If your volume of recordings is too much for a couple of in-house transcribers to do by themselves, then take a look at outsourcing the task to our partner, Outsec.


Networked Recording

Our AIRLight recorders can be configured to output a copy of their recorded audio to a network server via FTP. This configuration doesn’t need to be done at point of sale, it can be when you are ready to move your working practices to a networked model, just get in touch with us.

Of course, it’s not just the recorder that is needed for a networked recording system, you’ll need somewhere to store recordings, and a method for inputting meta-data for the interviews. On a small-scale, we offer a simple PC application to allow the booking-in of interviews to our networked recorders. For those who need to manage a larger number of recorders across multiple interview rooms, our management system will show which recorders are currently available, which have recordings in progress, and which ones have interviews allocated to them but have not yet started recording.

Networking your recording system involves many considerations, such as where you are going to store your audio files, how long for, and how they will be retrieved from the system for payback & transcription purposes. Get in touch to discuss the implications for your organisation.

Maintenance & Support

All One Digital hardware comes with a 12-month warranty and return-to-base support.
AIRLight recorders carry a 24-month warranty.

Support Agreements for each recorder can be taken up for £300 (ex VAT) per year, provided your recorder’s servicing is up-to-date. Agreements are renewed annually.

The 2023 pricing for a Full Service is:

  • £350 for an AIRLight
  • £420 for an AIRLight-3

Prices are ex VAT, and include return delivery.

To arrange for repair or servicing of your One Digital recorder, or to enquire about Support Agreements, please submit your details on the Support Request form.

Training & Demonstrations

We operate out of a custom-built development and training centre at Ashton, in Northamptonshire, which we share with our sister company, Komcept Solutions Limited.

The premises are accessed from M1 Junction 15 – see About Us page for detailed location information.

Our training suite enables us to train our distributors’ Sales & Technical staff, as well as offering a fully equipped space to facilitate demonstrations of our audio recording & transcription solutions.