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Our current partners include two of the leading providers of transcription and work-flow management systems, systems which are widely used in critical evidential recording situations where the eligibility of the recording is guaranteed and can not be questioned; such as the Police, National & Local Government Agencies, the Legal and Medical professions and Human Resources.

Komcept Solutions

One Digital’s sister company, Komcept Solutions Limited, is an established expert in the police and public security market, specialising in telecommunications, surveillance and digital audio and video recording.

Komcept Solutions’ main area of expertise is in the design, manufacture and supply of digital recording equipment for audio and video requirements and covert surveillance.

The Komcept Solutions telephone interception range provides a complete end-to end solution for lawful interception of voice and data communications. The systems cover every stage of interception, from the target right through to the transcriber, incorporating powerful fax/internet processing and a substantial GSM mapping interface. Its sensible modular building-block approach suits any size system, allowing for the future growth of small systems into something much larger. Komcept Solutions can also supply solutions for interception of satellite communications, in particular the Thuraya, Iridium and Inmarsat networks.

In the covert surveillance arena, Komcept can supply a digital scrambled radio microphone, a very efficient and sophisticated concealed directional microphone and a concealable camera for covert surveillance capable of recording long duration onto removable memory cards for a multitude of different applications.


OutSec is the UK's leading online typing and transcription company. It has won many commendations for its services and innovations, including two DTI E-Commerce Awards.

The unique FileManager software allows submission of dictated sound files from any location securely and safely. Clients work directly with a British web-based secretary who will have specific experience of their discipline, be it legal statements, police interviews, fraud investigations or other multiple-voice work.

An OutSec secretary is perfect for your requirements, being highly trained on the specialist art of transcribing interviews. The intergration with exisiting working practices is seamless and ensures rapid turnaround of interviews, conferences, board meetings, documents, reports and letters. More than 850 UK public sector and corporate clients and 5,000 individual dictators now use OutSec.

With no fixed costs, no minimum monthly spends and no hidden charges, OutSec is the logical choice for any operation that uses typists and is looking to operate more efficiently.


WinScribe is the world’s leading supplier of digital dictation technology providing leading-edge solutions for Law Enforcement, Government agencies, Healthcare and the Legal profession..

The advantages of WinScribe solutions and the digital revolution are transforming procedures, minimising administrative time and improving efficiency.

WinScribe and One Digital Limited have partnered in the integration of their two technologies, providing organisations with a simple method of capturing, archiving and managing PACE compliant digital evidential recordings of interviews.

This partnership provides customers with fully integrated and secure end-toend solutions. The new digital solution provides a huge technological leap from out-dated analogue tapes, with limited capacity and poor sound quality, to high quality stereo recordings simply stored and instantly available to the appropriate personnel. Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions