You might be familiar with conducting interviews under caution, but you might not be familiar with One Digital’s AIRLight.

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The AIRLight is a digital audio interview recorder, designed to be PACE compliant for use during evidential interviews where audio is recorded. It’s easy-to-use for those faced with it for the first time, utilising on-screen instructions and a minimal number of buttons to operate.

Disk Checks

The recorder runs through a number of checks for each interview, to ensure that no problems are likely to occur during an interview that could cause to be a distraction.

Firstly, the discs are checked to ensure that they are blank, of the correct type (write-once CD-R only), and haven’t been put in upside-down!
If the discs are all okay, then a microphone check is conducted to ensure that both mics are operating to an acceptable volume.

Once the microphones are detected as operating normally, a recording can begin.

mi check

If power is lost at any point during the recording or whilst the discs are being finalised, don’t worry, nothing else is lost! When you power the AIRLight back up, it will give you the choice of continuing with your interview, or stopping and writing the audio that had been recorded so far onto the discs.


Two identical copies of a recording are produced on CDs. If there is an error in writing to either of the discs, the recorder will notify you of this and guide you through which discs to keep and which should be discarded. You will then get the option to insert a new disc and attempt to write the recording again.

The above behaviour may begin to happen more and more often as the disc drives age and become less reliable. They contain moving parts, and so will invariably wear down over time, which is why we recommend getting your recorder serviced regularly. Of course, we don’t mean annually… there’s no need for that unless the recorders are in constant use; all day, every day. One Digital recommend servicing of AIRLights just once every three years to keep them running reliably.

During a service, an AIRLight will have a number of its parts replaced completely for brand new ones so that you’re good to go for another three years. We also re-serial number your recorder, giving it a new key for its digital signature. This allows us to guarantee the integrity of all previous recordings up to that date, locking-in their authenticity and our ability to prove it.

All this and a 24-month warranty are to give you peace of mind that the record of your interview under caution is in safe hands.